3i Informed

3i Financial does not just exist to sell investments and insurance. As part of our dedication to our core values, we want all our clients to know about the financial tools we use and how they can help you. That's why we're introducing 3i Informed, a blog dedicated to educating new investors on a variety of essential financial topics.

3i Informed focuses on inexperienced investors who are not quite sure about some aspects of the financial world. We will be explaining all of your potential investment options, as well as how to manage your money in both economic expansion and recession.

For new business owners, we will also talk about how insurance can protect your business. Our articles will help you learn how to find the right coverage to benefit both you and your employees.

Last but not least, for the young and financially savvy, we will give you advice on how you can turn that talent into a career. 3i Informed dedicates several posts to what it takes to be a Financial Advisor and what the job is like. We'll also have our expert advisors talk about their experiences and provide advice that you can apply to your own career.

Check back with 3i Informed for regular updates with articles that can benefit anyone who manages their own money.

List of Articles
17/07/15: A Student's Guide to Saving and Investing
22/07/15: The Four TFSA Accounts You Need to Know
29/07/15: Basic Investing Terms
06/08/15: How Much Money Is Needed to Start Investing?