Benefits and Compensation

Welcome to 3i Financial.

We have both salaried and commission based employees working for us.

To attract, motivate, and retain top performing people we offer a fair and equitable pay structure along with a positive environment.

We aim to forge solid partnerships between our employees and the company. As an employee progresses in our company his/her compensation payout will increase automatically based on their performance and the level of responsibility that they assume.  Progression in our company is based strictly on merit, performance, and meeting the ongoing requirements of the position.

Partnership is very important to us and it is one of the key features that attract new people to join us.  Unlike other independent brokers, where the advisors receive very little or no ongoing support, we provide a high level of ongoing support to our advisors.  From offering them innovative technology solutions, to providing top-notch administrative support, we ensure that our advisors will have all the tools necessary for long-term success.

3i Financial is here to support our advisors every step of the way.  We offer training to meet their individual needs and frequent product knowledge seminars to keep them up to date on the latest and best performing products.  We believe that having the right kind of knowledge is key to enabling them to serve their clients effectively.  There are many other benefits, however, we believe the best is to be part of a dynamic, growing company, that is focused on helping our clients while always maintaining our integrity and staying true to our core values.

We understand that the marketplace is constantly changing so to ensure that we remain competitive we analyze comparable roles in the marketplace and make employee compensation adjustments as required.

3i Financial values diversity, equality, and fairness in the workplace.