At 3i Financial, we believe in partnership with our clients, employees, business partners, and communities we serve.

A solid partnership forms the foundation to build your career.  There are many intangible assets and benefits that we offer that should not be taken for granted.

You will experience cultural diversity at the highest levels of management and not just at the lower levels.

Your progression in 3i Financial is based strictly on merit, performance, and meeting the ongoing requirements of the position.

Many people dream about a career where they progress to a role that correspond with their level of education, level of expertise and level of business acumen however many stay at roles below their expectations for far too long.  Why?

We work hard to create an atmosphere of service and support for everyone involved.  We believe that when you excel, your partners and 3i Financial will excel with you.  In the end, everyone benefits as we value diversity, equality, and fairness in the workplace.