At 3i Financial we embrace cultural and language diversity.  We believe that everybody is equal and as such deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.

This philosophy has become one of our competitive advantages since we have found that it is a powerful way to attract and retain talented people.

Within our organization, regardless of your native language, color, education, sex, or position, the dominant theme is performance.  We feel this removes any political bias from the decision-making process.  When we meet with prospective new employees to discuss employment opportunities, we recognize and understand that each individual just wants a fair chance at climbing the ladder of success.  It is not that common today to find large financial institutions with visible minorities, women, or people with disabilities who are playing key roles or even leading the organization.  This is not the case at 3i Financial where everybody gets a fair chance based on his or her performance.

Our experience with diversity has taught us to respect myriad views.  We realize that diversity helps to promote innovation, stimulate teamwork, creativity, and helps us with understanding and expanding into other markets that we may not otherwise be able to reach.  Through listening, discussing, negotiating, and collaborating, we are able to resolve issues for the betterment of all.

As an open organization we welcome newcomers and we pledge never to forget that our most prized assets are our people.