Critical Illness

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Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness insurance is a relatively new form of insurance designed to protect against the financial risks associated with contracting a critical illness.  Critical illness insurance pays a lump sum tax-free benefit, usually 30 days after being diagnosed with a specific critical illness.  The illnesses covered depend on the specific policy details.  The benefit can be used to receive special treatments, receive out of country treatment, pay for childcare, remain at home during recovery, pay bills, take a vacation etc.  There are no stipulations on how the benefit is to be spent.  With critical illness insurance the insured is able to focus on recovery and will be better able to handle any resulting expenses.

Do I need Critical Illness Insurance?

Some Critical Illness Facts:

  • One in two men and one in three women aged 40 and under will develop coronary heart disease in their lifetime.  Over eighty percent of heart attack victims admitted to hospital survive.
  • Almost one in three Canadian cancer cases occur under age 60.  Seventy-two percent of males and sixty-seven percent of females who develop cancer will survive.
  • Fifty thousand Canadians suffer from multiple sclerosis, a disease that strikes primarily younger people.
  • It is estimated there are over 70,000 heart attacks in Canada each year.  There are 40,000 - 50,000 strokes in Canada each year.
  • An estimated 2,798 Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer every week.


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