Group Benefits

We have a team of dedicated experienced Advisors that will work with you, the Business Owner, key person insurance, buy-sell and share redemption insurance.  We also assist in risk management and succession planning to protect and to increase the overall worth of your company.

Group Life Insurance
Group life insurance is a cost efficient method for a group of employees or persons with a common association to obtain life insurance.  If employees pay the premiums, or if the employer pays the premiums but reports them as a taxable benefit to the employee, any death benefit will be paid tax free to the beneficiary.  By working closely with the leading life insurance companies, we will help you to build a plan that is cost efficient, comprehensive, and flexible enough to meet your unique needs.

Group Extended Health Plans
Group extended health plans are meant to cover medical and dental services and procedures that are not covered by provincial health care plans.  As the costs of these services continue to escalate and the level of service continues to dwindle, it becomes more and more vital for families and individuals to ensure that they are adequately covered.  Generally speaking, group extended health plans are much more cost effective than individual supplemental health plans.

Group Disability Insurance
For most people their most valuable asset is their ability to earn an income.  Group disability insurance serves to insure an employee’s income stream in the event that they experience a disability resulting from an injury or illness.  Group disability insurance can be divided into short-term disability (STD) and long-term disability (LTD).  In addition, the elimination periods and payout periods can vary according to each plan.


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