Training Program

At 3i Financial Group we have two customized New Employee Training Programs:

* a 5 Weeks Accelerated Training Program.

* an 8 Weeks Regular Training Program.

Both are geared towards meeting the needs of new employees and enabling the success of all participants.

Our New Employee Training Program is comprised of four main components that work in conjunction with one and other.  The components are:  Regulatory Requirements, Product Knowledge Training, Work Experience, and On-going Training.  We believe that having academic experience is very important in addition to gaining the right kind of relevant work experience.  Our New Employee Training Program allows the new employee to see how theory and practice come together for real world success.  The on-going training component serves to continually increase our Advisors’ level of professionalism even after they have successfully completed the training program.

Regulatory Requirements:

Life Insurance Agent:

To become licensed as a Life Insurance Agent with the Financial Services Commissions of Ontario (FSCO), the candidate must complete the Life License Qualification Program (LLQP) offered by an accredited course provider.  We are currently using the Investment Funds Institute of Canada (IFIC) as our course provider.  For more information on the LLQP course please visit their website at:

After successfully completing this course, one can then register to write the provincial exam.   For both of the exams the passing mark is 60%.

There are 12 modules in the LLQP course and the topics covered include:

  • Overview of the Insurance Industry
  • Individual Life Insurance Products
  • Individual Disability and Accident and Sickness (A&S) Products
  • Group Insurance Products
  • The Life Insurance Contract
  • Non-insurance Investment Products
  • Insurance Investment Products
  • Underwriting, Issues, and Claims
  • Taxation
  • Retirement
  • Needs Analysis/Risk Management
  • Legal and Professional Standards


In our Accelerated Five-Week Training Program, we cover 3 modules per week for 4 weeks with each class lasting 2 hours.  The total classroom time is 30 hours.  During each class we will spend time highlighting the key points of the module and going through quizzes and sample exam questions.  The fifth week will be devoted strictly to sample exam questions to reinforce what was learnt and to provide additional tips along with effective exam writing strategies.  Our objective is to assist participants in every way possible to successfully complete both exams.

The Accelerated Five-Week Training Program is geared towards participants on an accelerated career path and who can devote themselves to full-time study.  The belief is that the sooner regulatory requirements are satisfied the sooner the new employee can begin accumulating work experience and ultimately serving clients.

In our Eight-Week Regular Training Program, we cover 2 modules per week for 6 weeks with each class lasting 2 hours.  The total classroom time is 32 hours and the basic class format is the same as the Five-Week Accelerated Training Program.

Our regular program is geared towards participants who may not be able to study full-time and require additional time to prepare for their exams.

Product Knowledge Training:

At 3i Financial Group we conduct bi-weekly meetings during which time we have various life insurance and mutual fund company representatives come in and conduct training sessions on the products and services they offer.  Sessions normally last for one to two hours depending on the presenter.

Product knowledge training assists new employees in getting up to speed on different aspects of the industry.  Furthermore, these sessions serve to provide credits towards the Continuing Education Requirements (CE Requirements) needed by all employees of this industry.

All training is conducted at our Head Office Location in Richmond Hill.

Mentoring Program:

To gain valuable work experience, we partner our new Advisors with an experienced Advisor when meeting with clients so that they can learn to service client needs in a comfortable and controlled environment.  New employees also benefit from our experienced Advisors expertise in analyzing client needs and formulating comprehensive 3i Personal Financial Plans