Our Culture

3i Financial is committed to providing an inclusive environment that focuses on trust, fairness, and equality.

Our advisors and employees are encouraged to participate and collaborate as partners in the development and growth of our business.

Our open-door policy encourages suggestions, questions, and concerns, from all individuals.  We strive to promote openness, honesty, and respect in all our interactions.  By working together and learning from each other we can build the confidence and trust that is meaningful for long-term success.

As an equal opportunity organization we welcome individuals from diverse cultures and backgrounds.  Our work environment is one in which differences are explored, understood, respected, and valued.  Furthermore, we believe that your performance is the only determinant of your level within the organization.  At 3i Financial you will experience cultural diversity at the highest levels of management and not just at lower levels.

Our culture is a culture of excellence.  When excellence is achieved at the individual level, it will surely be achieved at the organization level.  Once excellence is achieved at the organizational level our clients experience outstanding performance and our business grows.  Our commitment to develop our employees’ potential is accomplished through our mentoring program in which we match new advisors with an experienced mentor who will support and guide them along the way.

We believe that a culture of tolerance and mutual respect encourages innovation because people are not afraid to make suggestions, or to participate in the decision making process.  Our advisors are the ones who are meeting with and talking to clients on a daily basis so it only stands to reason that they will be able to provide valuable insights and new and innovative ways for us to continue to improve our performance for our clients.  When innovative ideas are born and implemented, we increase our business advantage, and this carries us closer towards the excellence that we seek.