Performance Drives Performance

3i Financial is a dynamic organization and we believe that what sets us apart from other financial service brokers is our single-minded focus on performance.

In fact, this is our value proposition and the one we know must be at the heart of all successful long-term financial relationships.

“Performance Drives Performance” is a model that we have incorporated into our business and it is quickly leading us to becoming recognized as the “Broker of Choice”.  This model also helps us to attract and retain the best talent in the marketplace because we offer a partnership atmosphere and career development opportunities based solely on performance, skill, and qualifications.  Office politics do not factor into our “Performance Drives Performance” model.

We let our work environment, corporate philosophy, values, and key leaders attract the right blend of talented people to us.  By understanding what these people value most, we then deliver what they need.  At 3i Financial we do everything we can to ensure that our employees go about their business with a smile on their face and we believe that this in turn is reflected in their interactions with clients because a smile really is contagious.

Our performance goals are readily apparent as our leadership educates employees on them and also assists in achieving them.  We also provide our employees with the tools they need to ensure the client’s experience is always a memorable one.  From specialized training, to product knowledge, to being kept up to date on changing markets and how they affect financial instruments, we deliver because we understand that the client is the ultimate beneficiary.

By sharing strategic goals and initiatives with our staff they come to understand how important their individual contributions are, and how they fit into the overall big picture.  In the end, when our Financial Advisors perform, we perform, and this then drives individuals and businesses searching the financial marketplace to 3i Financial.